POCITYF presented in Valverde, Évora

03 May 2021 — POCITYF will implement innovative technological solutions to reduce energy consumption in the Valverde district (Évora)

The European Project POCITYF was presented on April 26, in Valverde. This location, home to the parish of Nossa Senhora da Tourega, in the municipality of Évora, will benefit from important and innovative technological solutions to reduce energy consumption, thus contributing to mitigate the negative effects of climate change.

The Mayor, Carlos Pinto de Sá, and the Councilor for the Environment, Alexandre Varela, were present at the headquarters of the Parish Council of Nossa Senhora da Tourega together with technicians from the Municipality and EDP, a partner entity, to present the project and invite the population to join, explaining what measures are proposed, what the intended effects are, and how each family will be able to participate. In the specific case of Valverde, the plan is to install batteries called “second life” in consumer places that already use photovoltaic panel systems.

These batteries, recovered from previous uses, will be adapted through appropriate technology to optimize self-consumption and reduce electricity costs. Innovative systems for the control of domestic urban waste will also be installed, which will allow the monitoring of their production, with a view to inducing reduction solutions. As a complement, computer applications will allow citizens to access additional information in terms of energy consumption.

POCITYF is a smart city project co-financed by the European Union, focused on the objective of helping urban environments characterized by the presence of historical buildings to become greener, smarter and with a better quality of life. In the project Évora takes a leading role as a Lighthouse city together with Alkmaar (Netherlands).

In the presentation of the project, the Mayor referred to the importance of POCITYF not only for the city of Évora, but also for the Municipality, as it fits into the Municipality’s strategic objectives in matters of Environment and, also, for extending proposals and technology and sustainability solutions to population centers located in peripheral areas with a tendency to depopulation.

Source: Évora Municipality website.