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POCITYF is an EU-funded smart city project that will help historical cities to become greener, smarter and more livable while respecting their cultural heritage. By implementing and testing Positive Energy District in its cities, POCITYF will support Europe in the race to become the first Carbon Neutral Continent by 2050.

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Cities involved

Two Lighthouse cities, Alkmaar and Evora, will serve as testbed for POCITYF’s innovative solutions. Six Fellow cities, Bari, Celje, Granada, Hvidovre, Ioannina and Ujpest, will observe and replicate POCITYF’s model.
Beside POCITYF is building a community of smart heritage cities.

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Integrated Solutions: the cornerstones of city’s Renewable Energy Transitions

POCITYF will demonstrated 10 integrated solutions, built on top of innovative technologies. The solutions are grouped into 4 Energy Transition Tracks:

Positive Energy Buildings & Districts
P2P energy storage and management
E-mobility integration into smart grid
Citizen driven co-creation