Historical marvel of Eastern Slovenia

Celje is a historic town in the eastern part of Slovenia with 48.776 inhabitants spread over 94,90 km2, recognized as a center of national and regional significance, as an important employment, production and service center as well as important regional transport hub.

The city’s objectives are to be sustainable, environmentally friendly, low-carbon, an urban transport hub, a green, creative and inclusive city.

Celje one of the fellow cities in POCITYF project, performing feasibility studies on solutions tested by the Lighthouse cities. During the project Celje will develop Replication Plans and City-Vision for 2050.

Celje will focus on the main urban and environmental challenges:
• reduction of air pollution with PM10 particles;
• increased energy efficiency of buildings and reduced consumption of non-renewable energy sources;
• implementation of public transport solutions;
• smart urban and spatial solutions answering the needs of different social groups;
• environmental remediation.

With sustainability in mind, Celje will address approaches that make buildings energy positive.

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94,9 km²





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