Újpest is the fourth district of Budapest, with a territory of approximately 18.8 km and it has about 100 thousand inhabitants.

Újpest – with many other settlements – was attached to Budapest on 1 January 1950. Újpest, the municipality of district IV has a strong commitment to smart and sustainable infrastructural development of the area. There is a detailed SEAP plan which contains all sustainability measures planned to be carried out in this district.


The Municipality of Újpest Community are delighted to participate in the “POCITYF” EU-funded project, to see other European cities implementing energy transition programs. Given the status of climate change and urbanization, decarbonization seems to be vital globally, while we need to act locally. Consequently, all knowledge transfers are welcome and might be highly impactful.
While the emerging discussion on these issues among professionals and the public itself helps increase awareness at large, being able to closely monitor and follow the Lighthouse Cities’ actions gives a cutting edge in the creation of our local roadmap.

Újpest outstanding targets within this framework are to:

  • decrease energy demands,
  • decarbonize energy supply,
  • add complementing technologies to the supply chain,
  • engage more and more stakeholders and spread the solutions to other parts of the municipal territory.

Throughout the project, the Ujpest Team have already outlined the possible framework of actions in their “Replication Plan”, that might result carbon neutrality locally.  Local systems in functions, the actual energy outputs, and consumption together with relevant harmful emission values were considered, while foreseeable changes in technology, together with complementing innovative solutions have been identified. Importantly enough, public deliberation actions and tools are also defined to help make all this happen widely in the community.
The Ujpest Team is eager to fine-tune preparatory and planning documents regarding the modelling and implementation of all workflows, in the upcoming stages of the project.

Find Ujpest’s Replication Plan here.

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