Project Update

Granada’s path to smart city excellence: a renewal roadmap

03 May 2024 — The Strategic Plan for Innovation and Smart City will help transform Granada into a smart and sustainable urban center.

“We aim to transform Granada into an appealing city for living and working, where technology and innovation play pivotal roles in meeting the needs of citizens, businesses, and the administration”. These are the words of Vito Epíscopo, Councilor for Human Resources, Organization, Smart City, Digitalization, and Innovation, who welcomed the Strategic Plan for Innovation and Smart City back in 2023.

Unlike the previous plan from 2020, the new one integrates innovation as a core element of urban renewal. This inclusion aims to facilitate the redesigning of a smart, inclusive urban area that delivers high-quality and efficient services to all residents.

The aim is to reshape Granada as a model of sustainability by 2027, leveraging new technologies, artificial intelligence, and collaboration among innovation stakeholders in a participatory and inclusive manner.

The plan, poised to set a benchmark for innovation and technology, will position Granada as a European leader in these fields, serving as a model for replication.

To read the full interview with various public officials from the Granada administration, see the following article.


Picture courtesy of Julio García Photos, pexels