Consortium meeting at Alkmaar: let’s talk about our results so far

05 Oct 2023 — POCITYF is now marking its fourth year of life and it is on the way to achieve the project's main goals!

During the end of September the partners met at Alkmaar to discuss the results already achieved and exchange ideas on how to tackle the future challenges the project is going to face.

Some of the topics of the meeting were:

  • Citizen Engagement
    We discussed some of the ways to enhance the citizen’s engagement, to help everyone understand the efficiency and benefits of the innovative solutions.
  • Technical Positive Energy design of the sports complex De Meent
    The demo site “De Meent” has been using solar panels for almost three years now, which are providing green energy for the car and bicycle charger points near the ice-rink. We were able to see how the heat/cold storage is also giving energy to the surrounding buildings in the Olympiapark.
  • Grid energy management: building smart grids
    By implementing smart grids in our buildings we will be able to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs. We explored what has already been done in Alkmaar.
  • Cultural heritage, legal barries and technical challenges for PED’s implementation
    Positive Energy Districts play a crucial role in our pursuit of sustainable urban development, yet they come with several challenges. We discussed the issues we have already encountered so that we can better prepare for the future.

During our three-day meeting we also had the amazing opportunity to visit the different locations that have already implemented, or that are working on implementing, POCITYF’s solutions.

We visited the waste processing plant HVC site, the EIPA (energy innovation park) of InVesta & Sustenso, the Highrise Woonwaard building and the Bloemwijk neighborhood.

You can see all Alkmaar’s demosites here.


If you want to discover more about the solutions that have been implemented at Alkmaar, read these factsheets!