We won the Green Brand Awards 2023!

20 Apr 2023 — CERTH took home the first prize for the best service in the category "R&D for Green Service".

Our partner CERTH developed a software platform called VERIFY (Virtual Integrated Platform on Life Cycle Analysis) which won the Green Brand Awards 2023 in the category “R&D for Green Service”.

The award was given by Boussias company, one of the leading B2B commercial publishing companies, conferences and award organizations.

The software platform developed within the framework of the project POCITYF provides the possibility for a dynamic environmental and economic assessment of energy systems in terms of life cycle analysis (LCA). It includes two specialized software tools:

  1. VERIFY-Building, exclusively for the building sector
  2. VERIFY-District, for large-scale LCA studies at the level of smart energy communities/islands/cities.

In addition, three more modules are included, for:

  1. monitoring and receiving measurements of smart meters of production, consumption and energy storage (IoT device monitoring),
  2. recording the measurements in a storage structure of a large volume of data (Big Data Repository), synchronized with
  3. a module for studying and performing financial investments in the energy sector (Investment Planning Toolkit).

Congratulations to all the researchers involved!

Read more here.

Photo provided by CERTH.