The State of European Smart Cities: POCITYF among the main progress contributors

07 Mar 2024 — The European Commission's latest report highlights the contributions of POCITYF in making cities more innovative and sustainable

POCITYF has accepted the complex challenge of achieving the European decarbonization targets by 2030, earning recognition from the European Commission as a virtuous model in promoting smart and scalable cities.

The European Commission’s report “The State of European Smart Cities: Exploring and showcasing models, solutions, and financing for European replication to achieve climate neutrality” highlights the role of POCITYF’s two flagship cities, Alkmaar and Évora, in promoting replicable and cost-effective smart cities solutions. Évora’s innovative building-integrated photovoltaic solutions and Alkmaar’s flexible energy distribution systems are just two examples of how to make urban areas more sustainable, green, and liveable.

In fact, the report analyses an additional 550 solutions tested in 120 cities, trying to inform citizens, stakeholders, and decision-maker to intensify policy coordination and align investment choices.

Read the European Commission report at the following link and iscover all the pilot solutions in the spotlight.


Picture courtesy of Dele Oke, Pixabay