The Replication Plans of the Fellow Cities are out!

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13 Jul 2023 — Our six Fellow Cities (Granada-ES, Bari-ΙΤ, Celje-SI, Ujpest-HU, Ioannina-GR, and Hvidovre-DK) wrote their Smart City Strategic Plan to replicate the solutions adopted in our Lighthouse Cities (Evora-PT and Alkmaar-NL)

Smart cities shape their future by leading in technology adoption, resource efficiency and citizen/stakeholder engagement. Especially within cultural heritage cities.

POCITYF is one of these smart city projects that wants to demonstrate 10 integrated solutions rooted in existing City Information Platforms. POCITYF is working in order to quantify their value, and connect interests of many different stakeholders in innovative business models, allowing for upscale and replication of those solutions.

Each Fellow City has written their City Strategic Plan. Each city provided preliminary feasibility studies and replication plan for each solution that might be adopted. Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Environmental and Legal analysis have been carried out to determine the uniqueness and the context of each city. Moreover, a preliminary roadmap toward the bold city vision for 2050 has been defined.

You can read the whole Replication Plans at these links:


Photo on Unsplash by Chris Anderson