Royal Visit at Sportcomplex De Meent

23 Nov 2023 — Celebrating innovation and sustainability at Alkmaar

On November 8, the spotlight was on Sportcomplex De Meent in Alkmaar as the Dutch King’s Commissioner, Arthur van Dijk, paid an official visit.
The strategic choice of this location was no coincidence; it served as a vivid example of how residual heat generated from ice production is ingeniously repurposed to warm the building, mop water, and neighboring structures. Not only does this approach champion sustainability, but it also translates into significant cost savings, a factor instrumental in maintaining affordable ice rink tickets.

Embarking on sustainability in 2019, Alkmaar municipality initiated the transformation of De Meent into a sustainable hub as part of the POCITYF project. The endeavor reached its culmination this July, marking a pivotal moment in the facility’s energy efficiency. Cees Groot, technical energy consultant at POCITYF Alkmaar, elaborates, “By harnessing the heat generated during ice formation, De Meent transitioned from being the largest energy consumer to the smallest among municipal buildings. We’re now saving approximately 225,000 cubic meters of gas annually, making De Meent’s structures energy positive—they generate more energy than they consume.”

A Royal Seal of Approval Cees notes that the King’s Commissioner was visibly impressed with both the approach and outcome of the project: “His visit symbolizes our commitment and investment in making this initiative a triumph. The Commissioner views De Meent as a beacon for other municipalities in the Netherlands, offering insights into sustainable transformations for their ice rinks and sports facilities. Our pioneering techniques have already sparked interest from other Dutch ice rinks and swimming pools.”

Future-focused operations Sportbedrijf Alkmaar, in collaboration with Kropman and Team POCITYF, is set to optimize De Meent’s installations, further enhancing the smart energy system. Cees adds, “We aspire to extend the use of residual heat beyond De Meent itself, warming nearby structures. Every lesson learned becomes a valuable shareable asset for parallel projects like the De Hoornse Vaart swimming pool.”

The journey toward sustainable excellence continues, with Sportcomplex De Meent paving the way for a greener future in sports facilities across the Netherlands.


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