Project Update

Highlights from the POCITYF General Assembly in Granada

19 Apr 2024 — On April 15th, 16th, and 17th a new POCITYF General Assembly took place in Granada.

The meeting provided a valuable opportunity for partners to exchange updates, share ideas, and set the groundwork for the project’s next steps. Additionally, POCITYF partners had the opportunity to witness Granada’s latest activities and achievements in renovating and safeguarding cultural heritage.

After a brief program agenda and workshops conducted by the various Work Packages (WPs) of the project, the first day featured a series of visits to places of interest within the city. These included the city center, the Public Library, and the Granada Town Hall.

The visits continued on the following day with a site visit to the headquarters of the Diputación de Granada (DIPGRA), the Onyx Solar PV facility at DIPGRA for renewable and clean energy production, and the facilities managed by Emasagra. As a key collaborator, Emasagra is responsible for overseeing the Integrated Water Cycle in Granada and its Metropolitan Area, ensuring sustainable access to water resources and guaranteeing the continuity of water supply in the long term.

Late in the afternoon, the partners embarked on a site visit to the neighborhood undergoing renovation in Santa Adela, as well as the GRACITY Sports Center, which is also in the midst of a comprehensive facility-wide refurbishment aimed at enhancing sustainability and reducing CO₂ emissions.

Finally, on the third day, attention shifted to the Smart Cities and Communities Projects (SCC-Project Cluster), aimed at developing and disseminating smart solutions for European cities. Its objective is to maximize the replication and upscaling potential of these solutions, engage market and public decision-makers, and accelerate the replication process to maximize the value of investments.

Presentations during the day showcased the accomplishments of Granada and the remarkable efforts of local companies, including the Living LAB for Energy Distribution and Energy Communities Cuerva Escuzar, the Azucarera San Isidro Project, and the establishment of a sustainable construction cluster.

This General Assembly offered valuable insights and inspiration to further the project’s goals of sustainable urban development. Watch the video here!

Photo provided by partners from Granada