PV Magazine published an article about POCITYF

03 May 2023 — EDP spoke about the benefits of integrating BIVP into historical cities

Our coordinator from EDP was interviewed by pv Magazine to talk about POCITYF, its goals and results.


“The fact that we are focused on historic cities means that we have added challenges, with legal barriers to changing the existing architecture,” Júlia Pereira, project coordinator, told pv magazine. “All the solutions are designed so that the aesthetics of the city are not altered, but still manage to rejuvenate the historic centers.”

There are many solutions that are being adopted in our Lighthouse City of Evora such as the invisible terracotta PV tile from Tegosolar and Dyaqua, and the amorphous-silicon photovoltaic glass by Onyx-Solar.


Read the whole article from pv Magazine here to discover more!

Photo on Unsplash by Thought Catalog