POCITYF presented at the “I Foro Urbano de España”

14 Oct 2021 — The municipality of Granada presented the POCITYF project in the "I Foro Urbano de España" on the 5th of October

Granada was invited to participate in a session organised by the Marking City project to discuss about Positive Energy Districts (PEDs).

Some of the key outcomes of the session are:

  • Reducing emissions through awareness costs 2/5 less rather than investing in infrastructure.
  • The Urban Agenda provides a strategic vision of the city taking into account all agents, including civil society.
  • We have to channel the enormous amount of data that citizens give us. The balance between the needs of citizens and the information available to cities is essential.
  • Cities must be havens of sustainability, of well-being for all citizens. If we leave someone behind, we will have failed.
  •  The PED is a long-term objective with which to move forward, although it is not achievable in all neighborhoods. In some neighborhoods we can cover up to 80% of the electricity demand.
  • In the medium term, all cities are going to compete in CO2 emissions, which is not only an ecological value but is already being economical.
  • At a technological level, solutions exist. We can reach PED and beyond, but the challenges are awareness-raising and financial.
  • It is possible to achieve PED, not in all cases because some specific urban characteristics are required, such as the mix of uses.
  • In cities like Groningen the society itself demands for the energy transition; in others like Oulu it is the city council that, although slower, manages to convince its neighbors.
  • The urban energy transition is a matter of collaboration. To solve everything in a district, very hard edges are generated; It is necessary to establish a collaboration between neighborhoods to move towards the decarbonization of our cities.


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