A 4-day Bootcamp to train the mind and renew cities

10 Apr 2024 — Alkmaar recently hosted the sixth Entrepreneurial Bootcamp, where young minds focused on addressing present challenges to envision a more sustainable future.

Picture this: a dynamic convergence of brilliant minds from the University of Inholland Alkmaar (The Netherlands) and AP Antwerpen (Belgium), coming together under the banner of POCITYF. Their mission? To craft pioneering solutions for energy efficiency at both individual and district levels.

This is exactly what occurred at the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp in Alkmaar from March 5 to 8, 2024. Sixty engineering and electronics students participated in several masterclasses such as Brainstorming, Business Model Canvas, and Pitching. They also applied the Design Sprint methodology to tackle social challenges while developing innovative solutions to enhance the sustainability of historical cities.

This year’s edition also included a masterclass on Entrepreneurial Value Based Design (EVBD) led by Ibren Feijen, of the Alkmaar POCITYF team. EVBD integrates entrepreneurship, design thinking, and value creation to address real needs, emphasizing customer demands, ethical practices, and social responsibility. In the context of the POCITYF case study, it provides a framework guiding students and teachers to develop new products for sustainable societies and historic cities.

The event was a one-of-a-kind opportunity for young students to engage in an international experience and test their abilities. They interacted with industry professionals, educators, and like-minded peers who shared their passion. Watch the video from one of the students to see how the four-day event unfolded.

Given the success of this year’s edition, it is likely that the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp will be held next spring at the University of Applied Sciences in Antwerp in collaboration with POCITYF. Stay tuned for future updates!


Picture courtesy of InHolland Alkmaar & AP Antwerpen