Outdoor constructions InVesta’s center of expertise almost over

07 Jul 2022 — Outdoor construction work in InVesta's being finalised

The outdoor construction work of InVesta’s center of expertise is reaching its finalization and InVesta will enter their brand new premises after the upcoming holiday season.

Multiple innovative elements have already been integrated as part of the building envelope. To mitigate energy losses, the building is equipped with triple glazing and thermal resistant insulation material. InVesta also already incorporated multiple elements that are in line with the principles of circular economy building practices to reduce waste and the overall carbon footprint of the building:

  • Natural flax fibers are used as biobased insulation materials;
  • Re-used wood is used as cladding for the facade and as stair to the second floor office;
  • Concrete granulate, originated from demolition sites, is used for the foundation;
  • Second hand (indoor) window frames, all doors with frames.

Throughout the upcoming period the focus shifts towards the creation of the highly innovative and sustainable energy system.

More information on this one of a kind integrated electrical and thermal heating can be found on the webpage dedicated to Alkmaar.