A social campaign between past and future – #Heritage4Tomorrow

12 Mar 2024 — POCITYF together with the Inherit project supports the World Heritage Day 2024.

Constant commitment to a greener, more sustainable future often means a change in habits and lifestyles. The places that surround us evolve as well as the means we use, in a process that can bridge our cultural heritage toward a more sustainable future. And POCITYF is playing an important role in this transition.

Together with the European project Inherit, POCITYF will launch the social media campaign #Heritage4Tomorrow to raise awareness about preserving monuments and historic centers in urban and smart cities.

The campaign is set for April 18th, aligning with World Heritage Day 2024, an annual United Nations (UN) initiative established in 1983 to promote cultural heritage diversity and advocate for adequate efforts in their protection and conservation.

If you’re interested in participating in the campaign with your project, feel free to use this template, add your project’s logo, and showcase the efforts your cities are making in this regard.

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Picture courtesy of Maegan White, Pexels