Heating and cooling systems – a challenge for the full energy transition

29 Feb 2024 — The European Commission is at the forefront of the decarbonisation of heating and cooling systems

The decarbonisation of heating and cooling systems is a major obstacle for the city’s energy transition. POCITYF deployment of Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) can foster a reduction in the overall energy consumption, increasing renewable energy production. One of the solutions being demonstrated in POCITYF consists in advancing the flexibility and environmental sustainability of district heating networks through the exploitation of waste heat and geothermy. However, the lack of specific regulation in the heating and cooling sector limits the effectiveness of these measures.

This is why the European Commission has conducted a series of science-based studies to support new policies and ad hoc legislation. These reports also propose solutions to facilitate innovation in the heating and cooling sector and analyse cost-effective options for renovation projects.

Another useful resource is a list of comprehensive assessment by each member state on the efficiency of heating and cooling systems at national level. These reports enable the Commission to evaluate the alignment of local laws with European regulations.

For a complete list of these resources, visit the European Commission website at the following link.


Picture courtesy of Thomas Breher, Pixabay