Press Release

From passive consumers to active contributors in the energy system – European project shares new insights on citizen engagement

26 Jan 2024 — POCITYF at the centre of a new study

A European Smart City project – POCITYF – has published research on the dynamics of citizen engagement in sustainable energy solutions (SES). The paper, titled “Citizen engagement with sustainable energy solutions – understanding the influence of perceived value on engagement behaviors“, draws on the case of Alkmaar, a city in the Netherlands and partner in the project.  

Citizen engagement is pivotal in the quest for decentralised energy production – helping people go from being passive consumers to active contributors in the energy system.  

The study found that both functional and personal benefits play a significant role in influencing people’s desire to learn more about SES and the inclination to seamlessly integrate SES into daily routines for optimal usage.   

The social dimension significantly influences people’s behaviours, fostering engagement in activities like sharing feedback, assisting others, and advocating for sustainable energy solutions. Simultaneously, when individuals link environmental value with an awareness of its consequences, they exhibit a greater likelihood of participating in proactive management practices associated with SES.   

Together, these findings underscore the interplay between social and environmental factors in influencing sustainable energy-related behaviours.  


Read the scientific publication here.