Becoming sustainable together with residents- participation and communication manual for housing corporations

06 Apr 2022 — Successful energy transition is linked to the ability to engage different stakeholders in improving house sustainability.

Sustainable houses have a great impact on residents but tenants often dread changes and are not willing to take part in the energy transition process when not deliberately opposing it. It is essential that house corporations involve their tenants in sustainable houses projects.

However, doing so may not be easy. This is why TNO developed a manual that is a step-by-step guide designed for housing corporations to engage with other stakeholders in the energy transition landscape.
To realise its manual, TNO used the experience of two housing associations, Woonwaard and Van Alckmaer, within the H2020 European project POCITYF.

It is important that house corporations understand that they must go beyond energy topic if they want to connect with the house tenants. House corporations should try to connect with the residents by finding meaningful topics that those people care about, such as quality of life and safety.
TNO guide for housing corporations has five steps:

  1. Identify the residents and context
  2. Distinguish resident target groups
  3. Draw up the participation strategy
  4. Draw up the communication strategy
  5. Monitor and evaluate

The manual can be downloaded for free and a series of useful reference and contacts can be find in the document annexes.