An eco-sustainable university campus: the future of Granada

18 Oct 2023 — The industrial building "Azucarera de San Isidro" will be repurposed to become the new headquarters of the University of Granada

The building, abandoned for forty years, will undergo renovation and repurposing to become the city’s first eco-sustainable campus. In the effort to make the future university headquarters as sustainable as possible, the project envisions using water as a renewable energy source, taking advantage of the area’s geothermal potential from the hot water source.

Watch the video of the building here!

The building will have three key aspects:

  • a green corridor to help restore the connection of the sugar mill with the city of Granada
  • an environmental research park that will be accessible to both students and the residents of the city
  • collaborative areas where researchers and citizens will be able to actively interact

“This is a dream dating back a few years, a dream made possible by the efforts of researchers, which we will now return to them to develop cross-cutting and diverse projects, always with sustainability as the central axis.” said Pilar Aranda, the Rector of the University of Granada, during the offical presentation of the project.


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Photo on Freepik.