6 Jul 2023

Smart Heritage Working Group: 11th Meeting

"Empowering smart tourism: Unlocking sustainable transformation" on July 6th.

In this 11th meeting of the working group lead by EURADA the topic of Smart Tourism will be discussed.

Local authorities and stakeholders will have the chance to share experiences and insights to showcase cultural heritage sites.

The discussion will focus on facilitating connections between energy transition and preservation of cultural heritage. Kashyap Raiyani, as platform developer for TExTOUR project, will discuss the importance of ICT tools in fostering social innovation and cultural tourism development in lesser-known areas.

The meeting will take the form of an interactive session, allowing for active participation and exchange of ideas among participants. The duration of the meeting will be 60 minutes.

Sounds interesting? Do not miss the opportunity to join the conversation.

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Photo on Unsplash by Marvin Meyer.