11 Dec 2023
krakow, poland

Smart Heritage Cities Working Group: 12th meeting

"Cosmically” Smart Krakow, on December 11th

In this meeting, we’ll be heading to Poland to delve into the concept of smart cities. We’ll be discussing the factors that define a city as ‘smart’ and the significance of preserving a city’s historical architecture while promoting environmental-friendly energy solutions.
The gathering is lead by EURADA, a partner of the POCITYF project.

The event is part of the AGORADA+, a dynamic two-day event that spans a spectrum of exciting subjects: from aerospace to smart cities, cosmic conversations, EURADA awards, financial prospects, and beyond.

During the session “Cosmically” Smart Krakow we will discuss about the transformation of  the heritage city Kraków into a “smart” one and its implications for the residents.

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International Cultural Center
krakow, poland