4 Oct 2023
Zaragoza, Spain

Neutralpath meeting: let’s share what we have learned so far!

POCITYF was invited to discuss citizen and stakeholder engagement within PCEDs

POCITYF, together with NetZeroCities, ATELIER, SPARCs and oPEN Lab projects, will attend the 1st thematic workshop organised by Neutralpath entitled “Citizen and stakeholder engagement for PCEDs and climate neutrality”.

Neutralpath is focused on assisting cities in their transition to become resource-efficient by creating a cooperative strategy for a more sustainable future that benefits everyone.

Achieving climate neutrality demands a collective effort. Such a transition requires big changes on many levels. In the spirit of mutual support, speakers from ongoing EU-funded PCED projects will share their experiences and learnings to come up with effective ways to engage with citizens and stakeholders.


Picture from Pedro Sanz on Unsplash.


Zaragoza, Spain