15-18 Jun 2023

Frontiers in service Conference 2023

person presenting
person presenting

INESC TEC presented during the Frontiers in Service Conference in Maastricht

Our partners, Bianca Bănică and Manuel Aires de Matos from INESC TEC, presented during the international conference in Maastricht some of the results of their ongoing PhD work that is strictly related to POCITYF.

Their work in POCITYF within the citizen engagement inspired one presentation about:

The dual role of customer-citizen engagement in sustainability transitions

And another one about

Citizen Engagement within the Energy Transition – perceived values, engagement behaviors and energy poverty issues.

The Frontiers in Service conference is an international conference well renowned to host discussions amongst experts of service research.

person presenting

The presentations focused on the need for a better understanding of citizen engagement to support energy transition efficiently and be able to find new strategies to involve them actively. Without the involvement of citizens, the transformation towards a more sustainable future would be impossible.

Find more information here.

Special thanks to the others who collaborated in their research (Lia Patrício, Jorge Grenha Teixeira, Vera Miguéis, and Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto).