31 May 2022

Digital solutions in supporting cities’ energy transition to climate

Join POCITYF and SPARCS' joint webinar on May 31st at 11am CET

POCITYF and SPARCS share their knowledge in the context of the EU Green Week.

POCITYF and SPARCS are two smart city projects helping European heritage cities to become greener, smarter and more sustainable by facilitating a renewable energy transition. By deploying innovative solutions to rolling out smart and integrated energy systems across historical cities in several European countries, the two projects support the creation of citizen-centred zero-carbon ecosystems that offer high-quality life to people. However, this urban transformation is possible only if the energy transition and digital transition run in parallel. In this webinar, the two projects will explore the common challenges cities face on their path to becoming more energy-efficient. Furthermore, they will look in-depth into the role of digital solutions in supporting cities’ energy transition to climate neutrality. To illustrate this, the solutions deployed across Lighthouse cities from the two projects will be presented, followed by a discussion of how other cities across Europe could replicate these solutions. The hour-and-a-half webinar will provide a holistic view of the concept of smart cities and the crucial role of digitalization in fostering an energy transition.

Register and join the webinar at the following link.

More information available at: EU Green Week Partner Events