POCITYF went to Scalable Cities


05 Apr 2023 — EDP and RINA attended the Scalable Cities event in Valencia!

Our coordinator EDP and our partner RINA participated to the event in Valencia organised by Scalable Cities and the other smart city project MAtchUP.

The event focused on scaling up solutions:

what is the value proposition and the value chain? How can we identify the barriers for upscaling? What are the potential financing and delivery schemes?

Moreover, during the event paticipants had a chance to look at the solutions and results from the MAtchUP project. Parallel Scalable Cities activities took place such as the Board of Coordinators and a joint session of the Task Groups Replication and Monitoring with the City Coordinators Group.

POCITYF attended the Board of Coordinators meeting and a workshop on Energy Performance Contracts and upscaling RES through infrastructure.


Photo by Jacob Dalbjorn on Unsplash