POCITYF 2nd year anniversary newsletter (#4)

22 Mar 2022 — Welcome to POCITYF fourth newsletter. We celebrate the project's second anniversary with plenty of exciting news about the lightouse and fellow cities and the Smart Heritage Cities working group.

Dear readers,

POCITYF has recently celebrated its second anniversary and, amidst this hectic stage in which the Lighthouse Cities ecosystems are setting the stage for the demonstration activities, we’ve indeed some reasons to celebrate.

The work on one of the most nuclear points of the project – the integration of City Information Platforms (CIPs) with other systems – is progressing well. Ubiwhere’s Urban Platform, the basis for the previously mentioned integration work that is occurring in the Lighthouse City of Évora, has been nominated as the best digital solution from Portugal by WSA 2021. As an innovation project that aims to have tangible outputs, able to survive the end of the project, we have received this news with much optimism towards the ongoing implementation of this solution in Évora.

In Alkmaar, the construction works at De Meent were initiated and a battery was already installed in this demonstrator, adding to the solar roofs and charging stations in place since March 2021.
Moreover, Inholland has successfully organized a hackathon for its students. Under the moto “Connect to Create”, the competition had, amongst its portfolio of use cases, one based on POCITYF. As important as the more technical advancements, it’s with great joy that we see the link between the consortium and the involved communities being established.
The consortium is also pleased to welcome our new member, InVesta, whose new office building will compose POCITYF demonstration activities.

Speaking about involved communities, POCITYF six fellow cities have been quite active in their path towards the definition of the replication roadmaps, to be used as a tool underpinning those cities’ energy transition. A special note here regarding Hvidovre, where an e-mobility hub was installed together with solar panels, embedded in a concept of a locally-managed Energy Community.

Finally, as usual since our initial steps as a project, POCITYF partners have been rather active in what concerns events’ participation and (co)organization.
The fourth meeting of EURADA’s Smart Heritage Cities Working Group, a group founded with the support of POCITYF, was held during EURADA’s AGORADA+ 2021, back-to-back with this event. Counting with the participation of some consortium partners, the discussion was centered on how to overcome challenges faced by historical cities when implementing sustainable solution and on how to engage citizens and make them more aware

Thank you for reading and hope to see you soon.

Best regards,
José Campos Costa

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