Life on the energy grid: the case of Dillenburgustraat in Alkmaar, NL

04 Apr 2022 — Sustainability is one of the main priority in Alkmaar city: let's follow Mascha, business vlogger, in her discovery of Dillenburgstraat houses energy sustainable solution.

To comply with the European Green Deal, our cities need to go off to gas by 2050: this is a great bet we can win only helping and learning from each other.

Alkmaar municipality is working hard within the EU project POCITYF to be an example for other cities and to create a snowball effect in Europe.

In this second vlog of the Alkmaar series, Mascha goes to Dillenburgstraat, a street in which the houses are all connected to the same energy grid for energy and heating. The vlogger brings us inside the transfer station of Alkmaar energy provider company HVC. This is where we meet Niels Geuzebraek, the contractor who explains to us how the energy transfer happens and how the energy is distributed to the houses through the pipeline.

But are people in Dillenburgustraat happy about the change in the heating system or do they miss their old boiler?

To answer this question, Marscha asks to one of the Dillenburgustraat residents: Mrs. De Jong.

Watch the vlog to find out why Mrs. De Jong is “very happy with everything” and to see how heat transfer works. If you missed the previous vlog on De Meent sport centre in Alkmaar you can find it on POCITYF YouTube channel.

The next episode of the vlog is about the most sustainable building that is being built in Alkmaar. Stay tuned!