24 Jun 2021

The WebSeminar series: ICT webinar

The aim of the webinar is to present smart ICT solutions implemented by EU cities.

On June 24th, 2 pm – 3 pm the last webinar of the WebSeminar series will take place. Speakers from mySMARTLife, POCITYF and STARDUST will introduce their innovative ICT solutions developed and applied within their projects and will share their lessons learned. For POCITYF Johannes Sigulla and Anca Rosenthal-Solacolu, from Enersis, will present the GRIDS energyCity digital platform that is being implemented in Évora.


You are invited to participate in this web seminar, exchange experiences with the speakers and other participants and learn directly from the projects’ findings and results! Register here.


About the GRIDS energyCity platform:

GRIDS energyCity digital platform acts as the digital twin of the building sector, integrating measurement data to monitor and analyse the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of building. GRIDS energyCity provides energy-relevant information for cities, municipalities or regions in an easy to understand way. It allows easy monitoring and simulation of energy efficiency measures over a longer period as well as the digital planning and effective implementation of different strategic investments supporting decision making. The solution presents important KPIs in a geographic context and can be considered a digital energy concept which is up to date at any time. Local or regional energy strategies can not only be planned digitally but also implemented effectively and visualized in an appealing way. GRIDS energyCity is an innovative platform for internal and external communication providing transparency to all stakeholders of a region (e.g. citizens, politicians, utilities, local companies). Main features:

  • In a compact overview, decision makers receive essential KPIs about the buildings in their community, the development of CO2 emissions and as well as the comparison of different districts and building types,  if data is available.
  • In addition to CO2 emissions, primary and final energy consumption by energy source is also displayed.
  • Different refurbishment measures can be simulated and their effects can be analysed up to building level.
  • Additionally, the solar potential of the roof (and facade) is (are) displayed.



About the webinar series:

Mobility – Energy – ICT: The WebSeminar series is carried out by the mySMARTLife project, which aim at the transition of EU cities towards a new concept of Smart Life and Economy. Take part in the webinar series and learn more about the project’s exploitable results as well as the specific solutions presented in the European smart city projects MAKING-CITYPOCITYFMAtchUP and STARDUST.

24 Jun 2021, 14:00-15:00