28 Oct 2021

4th meeting of the Working Group on Smart Heritage Cities

The meeting will be held as a parallel workshop in the framework of EURADA’s AGORADA+ 2021

The 4th meeting of the working group on Smart Heritage Cities will be on the 28th of October, 15:30 – 17:30 CET, as a parallel workshop in the framework of EURADA’s AGORADA+ 2021 event. The workshop will be structured as a hybrid event where participants can join online or in-person at the Espacio Adeit, in Valencia. This will offer the opportunity to learn more about the innovative actions the City of Valencia is taking in order to preserve its historical sites.
The topic of the meeting will be “Energy Driven City Renovation


About the workshop

The workshop will highlight discussions about the impact of innovative energy solutions in cultural heritage sites and buildings. With the growing interest of the European Union in environment and energy conservation, it will be useful to exchange experience and learn from cities or regions that have implemented energy solutions in historical sites. Other cities and regions may be on the same path and encounter similar problems on this topic. Hence, the objective of the workshop is to discuss and learn from other territories, through a quick comparison of their situation and the measures they have applied for the design of initiatives and plans implemented by their local authorities.

The workshop is organised in the framework of the working group established within the H2020 project POCITYF. It will be an interactive discussion led by several panelists who will introduce a question to guide the discussion. These questions are divided through the following categories:

  • Energy Innovations: What have been the most difficult technical aspects of integrating solutions in cultural heritage buildings?
  • Political/Administrative perspective: What are the biggest difficulties, any possible solutions for them?
  • Citizen Involvement: How can we engage “non driving” citizens to participate in the transition, and ensure no one is left behind?
  • Energy communities: Which financing mechanisms have you used (public funds, private commercial investment, citizen investment) to create // start to create energy communities?



Tom Huizer

Operations and Innovation Manager, De Groene Grachten

Tom began working at De Groene Grachten as an advisor with a background in sustainable energy technology. Nowadays he works as an operation and innovation manager that ensures the daily activities of the company run smoothly. He supports the advisors and manages ‘De Groene Grachten Academy’, where all our knowledge is secured, new tools are developed and trainings are given.


Jan Willem Veeningen

Project Leader – Sustainability, De Groene Grachten

Jan Willem works on complex projects that contribute to the energy transition and where good collaboration is key. With a background in industrial engineering and a grid operator, he searches for the interconnection between new technologies and society, but also within human connections. In creative ways, he finds new insights and durable relationships.


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